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This is my main blog it includes a lot of feminism, body confidence, social justice, as well as bad jokes and stupid gifs.


Say what you want about Bratz dolls but you gotta concede that at least Bratz had white, Asian, Latina, and black dolls in their lineup and developed individual styles and characterizations and personalities for each of them and that’s more than Mattel ever did.

Their core line-up, not as specialities either.

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ma’am im sorry but that baby was due today, i don’t care if its not done just turn in what you have

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no one watches oitnb because they care about what happens between piper/larry/alex the only one we want is poussey give poussey her own show

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I’m an atheist because i think that science is wonderful and reality itself is so mysterious and wonderful that there is no need to believe in a god

but if a philosophy and a belief system makes you appreciate life and makes you happy and you arent hurting anyone with it

then god damn no one should be a shit to you about it

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"not ALL men"

look, i know steve rogers is a perfect human being, but you don’t need to bring him up in every discussion

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~*~ My style is freshly picked vegetable ~*~this was the morning after me and Elly cosplayed Sandy Cohen. I spray painted my hair black and it was nightmare to wash back out.(more comics over at!)

This one makes me giggle every time I see it.



~*~ My style is freshly picked vegetable ~*~
this was the morning after me and Elly cosplayed Sandy Cohen. I spray painted my hair black and it was nightmare to wash back out.

(more comics over at!)

This one makes me giggle every time I see it.

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my body isnt a temple my body is a castle with a moat and crocodiles and a dragon who will set you on fire if you touch me

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You’ve Got Time // Orange is the New Black

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straight people are ridiculous and easily manipulated


straight people are ridiculous and easily manipulated

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princess tiana:raises money on her own and starts her own business as a black woman in the fucking 20s
princess anna:kinda saves her sister after getting played off as the silly quirky girl the entire movie
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Because here’s the thing about realizing you’re into girls. Hardly anyone I know has ever said, “Am I gay?” in the same way they say, “Hey, do you know what the weather’s supposed to be like tomorrow?” Like they just need to figure out how to dress for the occasion. No, when most people ask, “Am I gay?” they ask it with the kind of urgency they would usually reserve for things like, “Do I strap this parachute to my back and jump from this free falling airplane or do I nose dive into the ocean and hope the sharks don’t eat my remains? SINK OR SWIM? LIVE OR DIE? QUENCH THE FIRE OR BURN ALIVE?” It feels so urgent, and the reason it feels so urgent is because you’re probably not just asking, “Hey, do I want to make out with other girls?”

You’re also probably asking: What the hell are my parents going to say when I tell them I want to kiss other girls? And my friends and my co-workers and my classmates and everyone at my family reunion? And what’s that girl going to say when I tell her I want to kiss her? And how is my life ever going to be OK, and how can I go on being the same, and am I the same, and what else do I not know about what’s alive inside me? And who will still love me and who will start hating me, and is God involved, or the government maybe, and what if it’s only one girl I want to kiss, and how do I label myself and must I label myself, and what if I change my mind and, really, what if I do burn alive?


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This sums up everything.

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Potential employer:so what's your availabil-
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Sims 4 townies! Created by Rostri-Jodu 
I think this is a genius idea, and they are really cool! I will defiantly be adding some of these townies to my Sims game! 

It’s funny, if you turn off your colour-blind goggles, you can notice some things about the black sims in this. Obviously, sim creation is inspired by the real world, and this really isn’t on purpose, but it’s interesting to see how real-world inspired groups are racially biased.

1. No black affluent townies.
2. Two medium black tone townies in the group.
3.The darkest black tone townie first appears in your blue collar group.
4. 2 darker black townies appear in the plain jane/john group. Are we seeing a pattern yet?
5. Stud/dud: Light black stud, other than straightened hair, not particularly notable.
6. Supernatural. Now this is interesting, they come in pairs. The two black townies are the two strong/ripped ones wearing khaki/green. The two palest townies look more like typical futuristic aliens, with large eyes and thin limbs. What makes it “interesting” is how black people were traditionally passed off as more primitive and white people as more advanced by slavers and racists, and here we see that idea being internalised, even if it is in a fairly harmless media.
7. No black farm townies.(Very light tone maybe?)
8. One dark tone black townie amongst the punks, coincidentally, strong again, and the least clothed of these townies. See point 6.
9. One medium/light toned black townie amoungst the geeks. Not particularly notable, but it’s interesting again how education/wealth seems to correlate with chosen lighter black skin tones.

What do people think? Colour-blind goggles off, it looks like unconscious biases are at play.

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"A woman’s beauty is supposed to be her grand project and constant insecurity. We’re meant to shellac our lips with five different glosses, but always think we’re fat. Beauty is Zeno’s paradox. We should endlessly strive for it, but it’s not socially acceptable to admit we’re there. We can’t perceive it in ourselves. It belongs to the guy screaming ‘nice tits.’"
Molly Crabapple, “The World of a Professional Naked Girl” (via feellng)

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Lady Gaga - Telephone (feat. Beyoncé)

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